Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grant Writers Tool Box Blog: Copywriters Marketing Roundtable

Grant Writers Tool Box Blog: Copywriters Marketing Roundtable


Copywriters Marketing Roundtable

And Now...for Something Completely Different:
Even Grant Writers Get the Blues

 Grant Writers get the blues just like anyone else.

Earlier this year, this blogger took the pledge to diversify his writing style, to increase the variety of markets available to him through further education.

I want to expand what I can offer to my clients as a Content and Copy writer. The demand this ever changing market calls upon us as writers is always in a heated flux. 

This fall our all important arsenal of knowledge is going to be pleasantly assaulted. Chris Marlow, Copywriter Coach Extraordinaire, has gathered some of the most successful Freelance Writers in the world together.

Where will they appear?

Fifteen hand picked writing experts will be available to each of us on our own computers. No air travel, no security checks, no expensive hotels and no eating out in sad little restaurants is required.

Chris's Copywriters Marketing Roundtable promises to be a dream comes true.

These amazing, successful copywriters living their dreams will all be gathered in one location, on my and your computer. The trophy list of presenters is phenomenal. Wait till you hear who’s coming to the Roundtable.

Chris has spent the last few months accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

If you, I, and we can gain only one new idea from these writing winners, our time will have been well spent. The level of knowledge to be presented is almost story book in stature.

Want to save several hundreds of dollars attending this upcoming event?

For all the skinny of the whom, what, when and wheres of this upcoming event, scoot on over to: http://bit.ly/pLQAiZ. The star studded list of champions will be completely revealed to you there.

Chris Marlow is a legendary Copy Writing Coach. Let's help her make Copy Writing history. The Copywriters Marketing Roundtable is an event NOT to be missed.

Monty Python couldn't have said it better. It is Indeed "...time for something completely different." Staying ahead of the pack keeps us young, agile and continually progressing imaginateers.

See you at the CMR, Jim

Contact Chris Marlow through her websites; Achieving Goals Through Trusted Advice(tm) since 2003. http://www.thecopywriterscoach.com and/or http://www.chrismarlow.com

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


(For the rest of 2011 I am diversifying. I believe we all need multiple streams of income. Hopefully when one is having a down day, the others will make up the difference. Here's to celebrating the joy of life utilizing new and exciting avenues of knowledge and information. Happy New Year!)

Those shrewd individuals who shorted the June pork belly market made a nice chunk of change last Thursday, December 30th. You would have been stopped out with a $2900 profit per contract had you set your stop loss according to resistance.

These quick and clean power profits are always a cause for celebration. This move in the meats warrants some down time for us.

Pinnotelle and Yetti 2005 Syrahs offer class, depth and complexity making them a natural match for this outstanding trade. An enticing weave of exotic spices and rich black fruit is your first encounter with Pinnotelle Syrah followed by an explosion of perceptible nuances of flavor on the palette.

Yetti Syrah is loaded with massive blueberry and blackberry fruit, so rich it almost seems criminal. An array of delicious oak and spice makes this a complex yet gratifying wine.

Nothing could be better than to complement this toast to grape and gains than a good cigar. How about a Partagas from the Dominican Republic? This is a well-balanced, smooth smoke with a solid spicy core and a touch of earthiness on the taste buds. A light woody finish accentuates the heady undertones of either of the Syrahs.

Now is the time to tip that glass and smoke that smoke to the wonder and power of pork bellies. A toast to this month’s most satisfying and successful trade in commodities….you heard about it here first.


Recommended snack: Pork tenderloin seared in virgin olive oil, add red, yellow bell pepper slices, chopped red onion, then roast in a 400 degree oven, top with minced garlic cloves, sliced portabella mushrooms and finish off in Marsala wine, 20 minutes per pound. Serve with roasted butternut squash, garnish with butter, cracked black peppercorns and nutmeg.

Wine Selections: Pinnotelle 2005 Australian Syrah, $22-$27, Yetti 2005 Austrailian Syrah, $19-$22.

Cigar Selection: Partagas No. 1, Ring Gauge 43, Length 5 ¾”, Filler: Dominican Republic, Binder: Mexico, Wrapper: Cameroon, $7.45.



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Perseverance and Mimes

I am thankful for perseverance and the existence of mimes.

There is a new language web site competing head to head with the biggies of learning a new language. Rosetta Stone comes to my mind immediately when I think about adding a second language to my repertoire'. Though I have no experience with the company other than what I read or hear about from others, I have formulated in my mind that they are the BEST!

I wonder how I came to that conclusion?

Great advertisements, you think? Beautiful, sentimental, glossy color advertisements masquerading as editorial pieces in an in-flight magazine in the pouch of the seat in front of me. A freckled-face youngster meets a beauty from Russia because he can speak a few phrases in her native language.

She was impressed!

Well, he was impressed too, with her beauty, love at first sight you might say. What better emotional response for learning something new than an exotic beauty responding to what you have just learned. Talk about International intrigue personified. Youth plus newness equals success where ever love and attraction happen to meet. Is it even necessary to expound on the benefits of marketing in foreign lands because you have a grip on a second language?

Not in this particular advertorial because the emotional value is set in stone in this piece. Set in Rosetta Stone as a matter of fact! Quite a piece of work I think. Certainly makes me want to step out and secure a second language for my self; especially if there might me a chance to win at romance.

Perseverance steps into the equation and almost promises to fulfill your dreams if you but have faith and study, learn, practice and repeat whatever the program suggest for success. The freckled-faced young man will probably win her heart merely because he has the perseverance to see the learning process through to its logical conclusion.

The conclusion is, "you win!"

It is funny how certain advertisements hit a home run for different individuals. This one hits the ball completely out of the park for me because I realized how truly important and key it is to persevere in any endeavor to enjoy the success at the end of the rainbow.

Writing is one of many of the creative arts requiring day to day perseverance. My goal is to write at least 1000 words a day no matter what. In a large part I am successful for just writing those 1000 words. My perseverance to accomplish this task every day literally makes my day an exceptional one. All the other tasks of my day seem simple. I check those tasks off my list in rapid succession having already persevered through my main goal.

Besides perseverance I am so thankful for the existence of mimes. My favorite mime has her own corner in downtown Asheville North Carolina. She can be seen around 3:30 in the afternoons making her way down the street to her corner office. If you try to speak to her while she is in transit you only get a blank stare as she rushes past you. She is already in character.

Once she arrives at the intersection of two busy streets, she sets her wooden crate on the sidewalk, stands on top, moves through a relaxed choreographed bit and then freezes into position. An open cigar box at the foot of the crate has a few dollar bills already inside. The viewer will have to pay to see her play the mime.

Many try to break her concentration without dropping in a bill or two. She never blinks. After a few minutes, usually no more than five, a kindly soul will feed the kitty.

My favorite mime comes alive and auditions for the stars of her show. She focuses completely on those in front of her. Her lips move to the beat of her musical liquidity, sharing the joy of her inner, creative self. She perseveres and gives the donor more than a few dollars worth of entertainment. Finally she freezes into her motionless position, silently waiting for her next admiring fan.

This is true perseverance and admirable behavior of the first order!

Especially this time of year perseverance is necessary to see ourselves through the holidays. Not so much us, as those who we realize put in such Herculean effort to live and learn through the pursuit of their dreams.

Like all of us, I move forward learning new things and persevering every step of the way, one day at a time When I slip a little bit and my faith falters to make it through even one more task, I am so thankful for the courage of my hero on the corner.

She never skips a beat, never falls out of character. I am thankful for the example she sets in my life. I would bet she is successful in whatever she chooses to do.

When it comes to being thankful, make mime, perseverance!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Melancholy Holiday Immersion Begins

 (This piece written over two years ago; always revisits me when the holidays arrive. Thanks for baring with me. Get out and shop today.)
 Compulsive / Obsessive

I’ve been thinking about adding to my canine stable for some time. I lost my last girl several years back. It was a tragic day.

If grief were a tattoo, my Lady Bug, a German Short Hair sporting dog, would be in full color all over my body. She was my best friend in so many ways.

Time has passed rapidly, yet her presence continues to fog my desire to bring a new girl on board. I see and feel the joy that could be recaptured with a new friend in my life, yet I am still a bit reluctant.

I have so many interests. Continually I seek new knowledge, curious how things work and fit in to today’s lifestyle. I get on a subject or process and before I know it I have ten or fifteen books, periodicals and websites galore scattered through my daily life. I am usually not sure how this new knowledge will fit into the big picture.

A friend from the past once said that I knew more about things, people and places than anyone person should. He said that I possessed what he called useless knowledge. Well you know that I took that as a compliment. Not!

It may have been one of the most destructive things that have ever been said to me. He might as well hand me two puppies named Obsessive and Compulsive. It would have been just as clear to me if he had; after a while anyway. I would have discovered the connection on my own in due time.

I wouldn’t have taken it so personal for several days, at least not until the insult was discovered.

Thinking about acquiring a new puppy or two has me second guessing my intentions. Do I actually need and want a couple of new friends that require so great an amount of attention and care?

My inner story continues to play my obsessive and compulsive theme song. Maybe by adding some responsibilities outside of myself I can end my title of Mr. Obsessive Compulsive?

I can see my new friend and me hiking a rocky trail for hours and days at a time. Once she gets use to my hiking routine, it will be just a matter of time before we have constant conversations on a daily basis.

The stories we will tell will have some of the past, present and future automatically built in. I’ll never try to impress her but I will fall in love with her. As the years roll by I’ll expect her to join me on the trail. She’ll nudge me occasionally to hit the road. I’ll just grab my pack and head to the car. She’ll jump in and off we’ll go.

A man and his dog is a relationship about as obsessive and compulsive as it can get. One’s dog is a friend of genuine trust and care, to share where the day goes. Some days the only word shared between the two of us...is a smile. Yet we hear it loud and clear as if it were spoken with a shout.

Maybe my obsessions are on the way out? Could it be that my new friend will satisfy my compulsiveness on a different level?

She sits on my left in my mind today. My thoughts are about warm puppy breath, her velvety tummy skin and a little growl that speaks from gentle sleep.
Since thoughts become things, I’ve been careful to pick this as one of my best. Puppies play at the foot of my chair and I am in wonder of it all.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Slice of Life

How often does everything work perfectly?
You say, "Not very often!"

How about just for today we say every day from this one forward will be perfect?

You okay with that?

Great, OK!

Waiting for news of being funded is one of those time requiring patience of a higher magnitude. You want to go over every detail in your mind. Rereading the entire proposal in the skull cinema distorts the truth quite often.

It seems natural to question your own professionalism no matter what your line of expertise happens to be. The mind is a strange thing, just ask it anytime.

This is a simple blog. There will be one or two parts more later in the week.

I have completed the work necessary to have written a Winning Grant Proposal. If the readers at the funder's offices have followed everything to the letter has I did, it is a done deal, a basketball in the hoop, a bulls eye for funding; and everyone chimes in with a big AMEN!

So guess what? Even if by some small tiny margin the decision goes in the wrong direction, I know, I said I KNOW, I did the very best that I could do to get my client's non profit project funded for the coming year.

How sweet the juice of the lime will taste when the letter arrives in the mail. I see the cover letter in my mind's eye in my right hand. I feel the check fall out and land in the palm of my other. Have you ever seen a lime or the color of funding so green and juicy before?

It is always the best day, the perfect day when the fruit falls from the heavens you have worked so hard to be merely lucky. LUCK is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.
Share the juice and the taste of winning with your coworkers today. Celebrate always putting forth the best effort. There is never a losing moment unless you give up. Stay out of that club. Welcome to the Victory lap.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Obligation to Learn

Once again I am enthralled with Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist blog post today, 5 Reasons to stop trying to be happy.

Her logic boils down to either you can be interested in the world around you, constantly questioning it and its values or you can be happy. The two do not coexist nor mix with each other.

Interesting to me even more so because I finished reading an article, "What Would Jack Do?" in the December issue of FAST COMPANY. The article is about Willow Creek, a large Evangelical church leading through learning from the business world's best teachers.

One of the speakers at their Global Leadership Summit, Jim Collins, not to be confused with me, told an anecdote about a college professor who told Collins that "instead of spending so much time trying to being interesting, he should try being interested." in what he was talking about.

Today I am interested in so many different subjects I realize I will not live long enough to explore then all. My zealousness for happiness though never ceases. Maybe the reason I am so unsuccessful in following my dreams to fruition is I expect the two to intersect creating happiness and joy because at last I have succeeded in some endeavor that actually supports me financially. 

In my mind anything that supports my need for food, clothing and shelter
would instantly make me happy. I am very interested in finding out where the two ideas intersect and support the reason both can exist at the same time.

My days are filled with exciting ideas. I can hardly stay in my chair because of the possibilities of any number of projects materializing in my mind at any given time of day or night. I reach a certain number of ideas, overload kicks in, then I slide back into pitifully unhappy and uninteresting reality. Unable to finish any of the projects I selected for the day, most always because the big three, (food, clothing, shelter) require attention instead of me expending
valuable funds in the direction of feeding an idea or dream.

Since I am an undiscovered blogger, it seems to matter little what subject I attack here now or even later. I discovered a writing web site posting writing opportunities for those close to starvation. Such as, write 100 blog articles in 2 weeks and receive $1.50 for each one, after they have determined you are a not a plagiarizer. The person keeps your piddly piece of pay in an escrow account in case they actually decide to transfer it to you. The 21st century's version of slave labor has arrived.

Have you seen any of these writing sites?

I don't want to plug any of them for fear someone might actually agree to their terms for submissions, not that anyone might actually be reading this. There was indication that writers had actually signed on for past projects. They had received $30, $40 some as high as $50 for writing an entire week for
some foreign entity trying to appear as if they were a state side blogger.

Maybe writing a blog for a foreign readership has possibilities? I have a feeling I will be hanging sheet rock soon.

The one listing appealing to my own needs asked for someone to periodically post something positive to a blog site using a different moniker each time. You would be paid of course, another $1.50 to $5.00 depending upon your skill to attract other readers to the blog. You might not be paid if this backdoor SEO is not effective in drawing masses of new visitors through higher search engine rankings because of your comment writing effort.

I was once a restaurateur in the 90's in a very small town. I asked my employees to move their cars to the front of the building to make it look as if we were busy with customers. It made sense because who would want to patronize an empty restaurant? Who wants to be the first to take the risk of eating in an establishment apparently with no loyal clientele. Red flags go up everywhere especially if it is the dinner hour and the parking lot is empty.

Who wants to read a blog appearing to have no readers? No one, that's who. Brazen Careerist has over 57,000 readers. You think Penelope might have something valuable to say to her readers? You dang Skippy she does! Even if she doesn't the numbers are high enough to warrant her penning an off-beat article occasionally even if it alienates a portion of those big number of readers she has corralled. 

They will forgive her and come back to see what outrageousness she is into now. Those liking the off beat nature of her blog will tell others about it and Voila, new recruits show up even if she sent some running for the hills.

I write everyday, well almost everyday to keep my juices flowing. If only every few days a comment would come my way to validate my existence, my creative juices would flow like the River Jordan, at least for a few days more.

Happiness is only in love stories experienced for the first time. Today I will settle for being interesting.