Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Perseverance and Mimes

I am thankful for perseverance and the existence of mimes.

There is a new language web site competing head to head with the biggies of learning a new language. Rosetta Stone comes to my mind immediately when I think about adding a second language to my repertoire'. Though I have no experience with the company other than what I read or hear about from others, I have formulated in my mind that they are the BEST!

I wonder how I came to that conclusion?

Great advertisements, you think? Beautiful, sentimental, glossy color advertisements masquerading as editorial pieces in an in-flight magazine in the pouch of the seat in front of me. A freckled-face youngster meets a beauty from Russia because he can speak a few phrases in her native language.

She was impressed!

Well, he was impressed too, with her beauty, love at first sight you might say. What better emotional response for learning something new than an exotic beauty responding to what you have just learned. Talk about International intrigue personified. Youth plus newness equals success where ever love and attraction happen to meet. Is it even necessary to expound on the benefits of marketing in foreign lands because you have a grip on a second language?

Not in this particular advertorial because the emotional value is set in stone in this piece. Set in Rosetta Stone as a matter of fact! Quite a piece of work I think. Certainly makes me want to step out and secure a second language for my self; especially if there might me a chance to win at romance.

Perseverance steps into the equation and almost promises to fulfill your dreams if you but have faith and study, learn, practice and repeat whatever the program suggest for success. The freckled-faced young man will probably win her heart merely because he has the perseverance to see the learning process through to its logical conclusion.

The conclusion is, "you win!"

It is funny how certain advertisements hit a home run for different individuals. This one hits the ball completely out of the park for me because I realized how truly important and key it is to persevere in any endeavor to enjoy the success at the end of the rainbow.

Writing is one of many of the creative arts requiring day to day perseverance. My goal is to write at least 1000 words a day no matter what. In a large part I am successful for just writing those 1000 words. My perseverance to accomplish this task every day literally makes my day an exceptional one. All the other tasks of my day seem simple. I check those tasks off my list in rapid succession having already persevered through my main goal.

Besides perseverance I am so thankful for the existence of mimes. My favorite mime has her own corner in downtown Asheville North Carolina. She can be seen around 3:30 in the afternoons making her way down the street to her corner office. If you try to speak to her while she is in transit you only get a blank stare as she rushes past you. She is already in character.

Once she arrives at the intersection of two busy streets, she sets her wooden crate on the sidewalk, stands on top, moves through a relaxed choreographed bit and then freezes into position. An open cigar box at the foot of the crate has a few dollar bills already inside. The viewer will have to pay to see her play the mime.

Many try to break her concentration without dropping in a bill or two. She never blinks. After a few minutes, usually no more than five, a kindly soul will feed the kitty.

My favorite mime comes alive and auditions for the stars of her show. She focuses completely on those in front of her. Her lips move to the beat of her musical liquidity, sharing the joy of her inner, creative self. She perseveres and gives the donor more than a few dollars worth of entertainment. Finally she freezes into her motionless position, silently waiting for her next admiring fan.

This is true perseverance and admirable behavior of the first order!

Especially this time of year perseverance is necessary to see ourselves through the holidays. Not so much us, as those who we realize put in such Herculean effort to live and learn through the pursuit of their dreams.

Like all of us, I move forward learning new things and persevering every step of the way, one day at a time When I slip a little bit and my faith falters to make it through even one more task, I am so thankful for the courage of my hero on the corner.

She never skips a beat, never falls out of character. I am thankful for the example she sets in my life. I would bet she is successful in whatever she chooses to do.

When it comes to being thankful, make mime, perseverance!