Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Grant Writers Tool Box Blog: Copywriters Marketing Roundtable

Grant Writers Tool Box Blog: Copywriters Marketing Roundtable


Copywriters Marketing Roundtable

And Now...for Something Completely Different:
Even Grant Writers Get the Blues

 Grant Writers get the blues just like anyone else.

Earlier this year, this blogger took the pledge to diversify his writing style, to increase the variety of markets available to him through further education.

I want to expand what I can offer to my clients as a Content and Copy writer. The demand this ever changing market calls upon us as writers is always in a heated flux. 

This fall our all important arsenal of knowledge is going to be pleasantly assaulted. Chris Marlow, Copywriter Coach Extraordinaire, has gathered some of the most successful Freelance Writers in the world together.

Where will they appear?

Fifteen hand picked writing experts will be available to each of us on our own computers. No air travel, no security checks, no expensive hotels and no eating out in sad little restaurants is required.

Chris's Copywriters Marketing Roundtable promises to be a dream comes true.

These amazing, successful copywriters living their dreams will all be gathered in one location, on my and your computer. The trophy list of presenters is phenomenal. Wait till you hear who’s coming to the Roundtable.

Chris has spent the last few months accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

If you, I, and we can gain only one new idea from these writing winners, our time will have been well spent. The level of knowledge to be presented is almost story book in stature.

Want to save several hundreds of dollars attending this upcoming event?

For all the skinny of the whom, what, when and wheres of this upcoming event, scoot on over to: http://bit.ly/pLQAiZ. The star studded list of champions will be completely revealed to you there.

Chris Marlow is a legendary Copy Writing Coach. Let's help her make Copy Writing history. The Copywriters Marketing Roundtable is an event NOT to be missed.

Monty Python couldn't have said it better. It is Indeed "...time for something completely different." Staying ahead of the pack keeps us young, agile and continually progressing imaginateers.

See you at the CMR, Jim

Contact Chris Marlow through her websites; Achieving Goals Through Trusted Advice(tm) since 2003. http://www.thecopywriterscoach.com and/or http://www.chrismarlow.com

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


(For the rest of 2011 I am diversifying. I believe we all need multiple streams of income. Hopefully when one is having a down day, the others will make up the difference. Here's to celebrating the joy of life utilizing new and exciting avenues of knowledge and information. Happy New Year!)

Those shrewd individuals who shorted the June pork belly market made a nice chunk of change last Thursday, December 30th. You would have been stopped out with a $2900 profit per contract had you set your stop loss according to resistance.

These quick and clean power profits are always a cause for celebration. This move in the meats warrants some down time for us.

Pinnotelle and Yetti 2005 Syrahs offer class, depth and complexity making them a natural match for this outstanding trade. An enticing weave of exotic spices and rich black fruit is your first encounter with Pinnotelle Syrah followed by an explosion of perceptible nuances of flavor on the palette.

Yetti Syrah is loaded with massive blueberry and blackberry fruit, so rich it almost seems criminal. An array of delicious oak and spice makes this a complex yet gratifying wine.

Nothing could be better than to complement this toast to grape and gains than a good cigar. How about a Partagas from the Dominican Republic? This is a well-balanced, smooth smoke with a solid spicy core and a touch of earthiness on the taste buds. A light woody finish accentuates the heady undertones of either of the Syrahs.

Now is the time to tip that glass and smoke that smoke to the wonder and power of pork bellies. A toast to this month’s most satisfying and successful trade in commodities….you heard about it here first.


Recommended snack: Pork tenderloin seared in virgin olive oil, add red, yellow bell pepper slices, chopped red onion, then roast in a 400 degree oven, top with minced garlic cloves, sliced portabella mushrooms and finish off in Marsala wine, 20 minutes per pound. Serve with roasted butternut squash, garnish with butter, cracked black peppercorns and nutmeg.

Wine Selections: Pinnotelle 2005 Australian Syrah, $22-$27, Yetti 2005 Austrailian Syrah, $19-$22.

Cigar Selection: Partagas No. 1, Ring Gauge 43, Length 5 ¾”, Filler: Dominican Republic, Binder: Mexico, Wrapper: Cameroon, $7.45.