Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Slice of Life

How often does everything work perfectly?
You say, "Not very often!"

How about just for today we say every day from this one forward will be perfect?

You okay with that?

Great, OK!

Waiting for news of being funded is one of those time requiring patience of a higher magnitude. You want to go over every detail in your mind. Rereading the entire proposal in the skull cinema distorts the truth quite often.

It seems natural to question your own professionalism no matter what your line of expertise happens to be. The mind is a strange thing, just ask it anytime.

This is a simple blog. There will be one or two parts more later in the week.

I have completed the work necessary to have written a Winning Grant Proposal. If the readers at the funder's offices have followed everything to the letter has I did, it is a done deal, a basketball in the hoop, a bulls eye for funding; and everyone chimes in with a big AMEN!

So guess what? Even if by some small tiny margin the decision goes in the wrong direction, I know, I said I KNOW, I did the very best that I could do to get my client's non profit project funded for the coming year.

How sweet the juice of the lime will taste when the letter arrives in the mail. I see the cover letter in my mind's eye in my right hand. I feel the check fall out and land in the palm of my other. Have you ever seen a lime or the color of funding so green and juicy before?

It is always the best day, the perfect day when the fruit falls from the heavens you have worked so hard to be merely lucky. LUCK is Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.
Share the juice and the taste of winning with your coworkers today. Celebrate always putting forth the best effort. There is never a losing moment unless you give up. Stay out of that club. Welcome to the Victory lap.