Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Catbird Seat, Part II

A recent acquaintance mentioned the trouble she has getting local donations for her nonprofit.

Funny how on some days I can solve every one's problems but my own. Is that true for you too? Immediately I said write a letter to a service club, fraternal group or any group that interests you. Offer to give a speech about your organization. Excitedly show the folks how busy you and your volunteers have been. Use pictures and words to show how much has been accomplished with so little. Explain in detail how much more could be done if there was only some local support your nonprofit could count on to make it through the year.

Service clubs such Rotary, Kiwanis, and Civitans never know from week to week if they will have a speaker. How about Toast Masters? Imagine using their platform to seek funding for your group. Isn't that like sneaking into the hen house and they don't even know you are the fox? They won't mind!

Don't think about what you will talk about for now. Pick out several clubs and send them an invitation to invite you to speak. Get ready as the response will probably be a bit daunting. These groups are starved for speakers, especially ones that have a message that needs to be heard.

Be sure to have a hand-out available for those wanting more information. Make it easy for your audience to donate. Have your non profit's website proudly listed on any sheets you pass out. Offer to speak to any other group or club members of your audience may also belong to.

Tell them what you are going to say. Then say it. Then tell them what you just said.

Be yourself. Stand up tall so they can see you. Speak up so they can hear you. Once you've made your point, sit down so they will still like you.

Seems so simple. Make the speech, rinse and repeat as often as possible, in as many locations as time allows you. 

Your community wants to support your cause. They want to become a part of it. Allow your audience the opportunity to become an integral part of spreading the joy of giving.

Don't forget to let your audience know you are grant writer. Every one listening to you speak has a soft spot for his or her own organization that needs exposure and help. Offer it proudly!

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