Monday, November 22, 2010

Sailing into Thankfulness

A woman who treats me special has always been my goal.

There is a myriad of things I want to do. We know not what the next day may bring. I like to quote one of my favorite movies, DUNE, the one directed by David Lynch back in the 80's. It was pure corn but I still love it.

The Celestial Navigator, an alien transported in a big black box with the ability to see into the future, stated emphatically: "I see plans within plans...I was not here." He looked similar to a large living anus.

I too, see plans within plans. It reminds me of columnist, Sidney Harris, he was always discovering pieces of interesting information about a completely different subject, searching for information on a topic he was writing about for his daily column, STRICTLY PERSONAL for the Chicago Daily News. He would ultimately write about the discovery of whatever, instead of the original subject of the piece under investigation.

When it comes to being thankful there is no limit to the enormity of the subject. I am thankful for the heroes decorating the edges of my small world. My UPS guy, the man behind the counter at my local wine shop, the lady who tells me to have a nice day where I get my morning cup of java and she means it, the dude at the dumpsters (recycling center) who says what a beautiful day it is, all make my daily life a whole lot better. I am very thankful for their thoughtfulness. I actually detour to one of those places when I am having a not so great day.

FAST COMPANY has an article, Two Little Words, in their most recent issue that got me thinking about this subject. Saying "Thank You" even when not exactly called for, changes the quality of the air around us. Attitude has a way of painting the color of us all a brighter shade.There are many of these people in our lives deserving of our gratitude throughout the year, every day. Though each is forgotten with an encounter with the very next person you meet.

How true!

There is a woman in my life who always treats me special. I can enjoy wine and even whine about most anything when I am with her. She seems to see inside my soul. She is a soothing balm of electric loveliness to my heart and my very being. I am completely undeserving of her attentiveness. I am a better person because she is in my life. There is not enough room in this blog to write my love letter to her here today.When it comes to being thankful for the joys in my life, her face fills every position in my album.

Those people I mentioned a few moments ago, are important beyond even what they represent. Taking the time to be kind is a trait I should spend more time cultivating. These folks do it in such a way that it makes every day a little bit better.

I am thankful for those in my life that love me. I am thankful I have so many to love.

This time of year when some how it seems easier to express love and admiration for those around us is not lost on us as a people. At least this time of year it is more excepted to give a damn, expected to lead to kinder words and deeds to strengthen us as human beings. When we argue and disagree more than we love, it is time to declare the Christmas Season has arrived, if only to ask ourselves to look deeper into relationships as a goal for living.

I have become a fan of  "Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist". I love her originality and her way with words. She writes like someone sitting next to me when I need a friend for loving conversation. Her column is a constant heads up for the joy of thankfulness. Even when she seems to be whining about something, there is a thread of hope in her every brazen word. Her critics say it is mere acrobatics to attract readership numbers. With over 57,000 readers I see little reason for her to stir the quagmire to gain a larger fan base.  I am thankful for her dedication to her readers. Thanks Penelope!

My plans within plans are to see more of what I hide from my own eyes. I want to know why we care so much about what has so little importance to our growth as a species. Waves of huge emotional response are available to us all. We need only add a piece of the tsunami we preach, then tone it down to the soothing sounds of a Walden pond to attract the beauty and love of others.

This may be corn personified; but I have a positive sense for the future and I'm sticking to it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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