Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be a Prospect Research Rock Star

"Which prospects have the highest propensity to give?" Wealth Engine is responsible for both the title of this blog entry as well as the quote above. I was looking at their ad moments ago from yesterday's issue of Philanthropy Today.

I visited their site and spent most of my time trying to find out what the costs are to tap into this Wealth Engine. I was unsuccessful as a casual clickster. If I laid out a considerable amount of personal and/or business related information I could receive a trial demo without cost.

One of the questions asked was donation level of my company, under 3.5 Million on up to 35 million and above. Wealth Engine's P2G program looks to be a real plus for high roller giver seeking.

The site states you can use Wealth Engine's program to identify the following information and I quote:

How can you use P2G?
  • Identify individuals for upgrade to higher giving level
  • Identify target gift ranges for upgrading current donors
  • Identify qualified prospects with highest likelihood to give
  • Develop segmentation strategy based on estimated giving capacity

This looks really interesting to me. You of course can do your own investigation of their site as I have done here. Now I have no tie to these folks what-so-ever other than their ad in my daily blog from Philanthropy-Today.

Being the age I am, the opportunity or even a small chance to become any type of a Rock Star much less a Prospect Research Rock Star instantly had me clicking the gorgeous ad. I am here to say that it is one effective little bit of ad space. It has me thinking about the power expressed in that iddy bit of landscape.

If prospect research is the Keyword for Wealth Engine's SEO, I'd call this a home-run for them, certainly in the placement of this little ad.

In my own little business I cultivate my clients as to their Mission and what match-making can I do in order to find the entity that wants to scratch their itch. I have no precise formula or secret code I am able to fill in the blanks with to achieve an instant match. Maybe Wealth Engine has it?

Is P2G the answer? Numbers of successful users, fans and followers will tell the story soon.

When it comes to pairing a nonprofit with the perfect funder aren't we all Rock Stars even if just for a moment?

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